Behind every eco-friendly decision we make is fear for the planet. Thinking about climate change and the impact it is having on the environment is scary. It can lead to feelings of panic and helplessness. 

Of course, you want to do your bit but to make an impact you don’t have to overhaul your life. Making small changes that suit your lifestyle add up. You can massively reduce the plastic you are using and the waste you are producing with a few easy switches. 

Make these changes one at a time if that’s easier. Keep doing what you can and you’ll find an eco-friendly lifestyle is more accessible than you think. 

Let me show you what I mean. How does this sound for your new morning routine?

You wake up, a little dozy and head to the bathroom. You wash off the sleep with your Konjac face sponge. Fresh-faced, you get your bamboo toothbrush from your bamboo toothbrush holder and clean your teeth. Then you pick up your bamboo hairbrush to get rid of your bed hair and use some natural deodorant. You’re ready to face the day. 

You head to the kitchen because it’s almost time to leave for work. First, you need to pack lunch. You make a sandwich and wrap it up in reusable beeswax. You wash up the cutlery you used with natural dish soap and a cellulose sponge. Finally, you put the kettle on and fill your reusable coffee cup up, put everything you need in our casual shopper and head out the door. 

That’s your whole morning routine made eco-friendly by just changing out a few products! 

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Not sure how to start? Well to make it even easier for you, we at Everyday Life Eco Store have put together some starter kits for everyday needs… like our Eco Oral Care kit consisting of two adult-sized bamboo toothbrushes, tooth tablets and floss – everything you need to kick-start your morning routine. Explore our starter kits and see how easy it is to make the switch.

What product are you going to switch out next?